Links to Metal Detecting Sites

Here are some links to some of the metal detecting sites that I like and frequent. One thing I can recommend to anyone in the hobby: be active online. There is a growing population of detectorists that are online, each sharing their wisdom and experiences. It is a wealth of knowledge that can really come in handy.

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If you have a metal detecting site and would like to exchange links, please feel free to contact me.

Metal Detecting Sites

American Detectorist Forum - This is pretty much my goto site now. Great forum with lots of great people. Look for me as Poker Jim.

White's Electronics Forum - This is a great advice site. Everyone on here is a White's detector user. Look for me, my screen name is Poker Jim.

White's Electronics Homepage - The mother ship, go here for a look at everything that White's has to offer. Also, check out the finds page, lots of great stories about great finds there. - This is another forum that has people who use all types of detectors. It is also the home page of Western & Eastern Treasures, one of my favorite metal detecting periodicals.

Metal Detector Reviews - This site allows for users to post reviews of all different makes and models of detectors. When I was looking to get into the hobby, this was one of the first sites that I visited

Resource Sites - The admins of this site contactd me for a link swap. They have some great field test info on their site. A good place to visit when shopping for a new machine.

Don's World Coin Gallery - This site is a reference for identifying those foreign coins that you find from time to time. A great resource.

Precious Metal Calculator - This calculator will allow you to find the value of any precious metal based on weight and the current market price. Make sure that your scale is calibrated correctly.

Token Catalog - This website has listing and many photos for a ton of different kinds of tokens. It can run a little slow sometimes, but a great resource.

The Best Metal Detector - This website is a great resource for someone who is looking for the right detector for them. Lots of information and reviews from both the author and visitors.

The Entertaining Hobby of Metal Detecting - A great first stop for anyone interested in the hobby in any capacity. This site was recommended by a group learning about detecting through their community center. Thanks for the tip Goodwin C.C.

A Guide to Metal Detecting for Beginners - This site contains lots of good links to sites dealing with all different facets of metal detecting. Referenced to me by Ms. Deborah Ward(and Lauren) from a summer class revamping a website in need.

Personal Metal Detecting Site

Florida Metal Detecting - Mark's Detecting Site, lots of great tips and even some local lore and sites. © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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